Boinc 6.6.25 sur Windows

boinc_6.6.25_windows_x86_64.exe (7.0 Mo)

boinc_6.6.25_windows_intelx86.exe (6.4 Mo)

– client: message tweak

– client: tweak to 4/21 checkin.

After finding the « most capable » GPU, ignore FLOPS in deciding what GPUs are equivalent to it. This opens up the possibility that the client will get jobs that it won’t be able to finish in time. But it still avoids getting jobs that will crash.

– fix typo in compare_cuda()

– client: show message when user does a project or task op (suspend, resume, update, etc.)

– client: add <use_all_gpus> config option. If set, use GPUs even if they’re not equivalent to the most capable one.

Author: Exar Kun