Sortie de la version 6.6.16 (1.1 Mo) (5.9 Mo) (5.5 Mo)

boinc_6.6.16_windows_x86_64.exe (7.0 Mo)

boinc_6.6.16_windows_intelx86.exe (6.4 Mo)

Changes for 6.6.16
- client: backoff overrides project-requested scheduler RPC. Otherwise, if scheduler is down, we'll retry infinitely every 10 secs
- client: remove auto_update.poll() (not used)
- Manager: show elapsed time instead of CPU time in Task tab. CPU time is visible in task Properties.
- Manager: in task Properties, show final CPU and elapsed times if job is finished
- client: honor backoff for account-manager-requested scheduler RPCs
- client: keep track final elapsed time for results
- GUI RPC: report final elapsed time
- manager: just call it Elapsed
- MGR: Simplify the fixes for saving and restoring window sizes and other settings
- MGR: Handle EVT_END_SESSION event to call SaveState() on Windows logout or shutdown
- MGR: Add the basic infrastructure for the up and coming news tab in the advanced frame.
- MGR: Fix possible deadlock when exiting manager
- MGR: Delete RPCThread::OnExit(); add new source files to XCode Project

Author: Exar Kun