Sortie de la version 6.6.17 (1.1 Mo) (5.9 Mo) (5.5 Mo)

boinc_6.6.17_windows_x86_64.exe (7.0 Mo)

boinc_6.6.17_windows_intelx86.exe (6.4 Mo)

Changes for 6.6.17
- In linux client, Added code to detect capability to run 64-bit binaries from 32-bit BOINC client, and capability to run 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit linux system.
- MGR: RPCThread::KillRPCThread() defers to RPC thread before testing if thread has exited on its own
- client: consider fetching work from overworked projects if resource is saturated for < work_buf_min() (rather than saturated for 0).
So now the only significance of "overworked" is that we won't ask overworked projects for work if resource is saturated more than work_buf_min() but less than work_buf_total()
- client: in RR simulation, use app_version.flops instead of host_info.fpops as the FLOPS estimate for non-GPU apps.

Author: Exar Kun